provides visual consistency and saves time

  • Easy access to all your company’s templates directly in Word via your company’s own menu item.
  • Ensures that all Word documents feature your company’s visual identity.
  • Simplifies everyday work and cuts down on wasted time.
  • Simple roll-out and constant updates of templates with the assistance of the integrated administration module.
Did you know?

Using WordEngine results in major time saving, compliance with your company’s visual identity and a guarantee that updated material will always be available on the PC of each and every member of staff.

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Access all Word templates via a single menu item

WordEngine for Microsoft Word enables staff to write letters, reports, memos and leaflets quickly and efficiently and in accordance with your company’s guidelines for visual identity.

Staff have complete access to all your company’s Word templates via your company’s own menu item in Microsoft Word. That saves staff from having to search for updated templates, images etc.

Word templates are dynamically adjusted to the user’s choice of language, design, logo, address and legal data. This could also include other document-specific content: for example, automated adjustment, insertion or replacement of pictures, graphs, tables, graphic design, colour themes or texts. This features make it easy for members of staff, for example, to add and insert images in Word in the correct size and format.

With WordEngine you can add, vary and change sender and recipient addresses. You can also easily add and replace a logo and other graphic elements for printing on either preprinted or blank stationery.

So your staff do not need to be Microsoft Word or graphic design experts in order to design attractive, professional Word documents in a short space of time.

It also has standard integration with all leading ECM systems, which underpin your company’s work processes.

The integrated administration and distribution tool constantly transmits updates and roll-out of your company’s Word templates, design and data directly to the PC of each and every member of staff. Updates and distribution are frequently handled by staff in the brand, marketing and communication departments.

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