Standard texts

Easy access to approved standard texts

  • Simple, centralised management of templates and phrase documents.
  • Easy to customise professional Word documents based on existing text passages.
  • Graphical layout and text content is always updated and pre-approved.
  • Error-free, uniform document preparation across departments, countries and business units.
  • Reduces time spent by staff on document preparation.

Avoid duplicated work

Whether you are an agency, ministry or private business, you may have a need for more efficient administrative work and correct wording of texts.

Our solutions ensure that your staff do not have to ‘re-invent’ the same formulations over and over again, while also giving them easy access to the correct use of language and approved standard formulations used by your organisation. This helps ensure that administrative work is done correctly and frees up staff to work on other important things instead of having to consider how to formulate written bids, documents etc.

With a solution from SkabelonDesign, you can mitigate issues such as getting unnecessary enquiries from citizens due to an administrative worker’s personal formulation of texts. We can help control the formulation of texts such as complaint responses, bids and contracts centrally. Our solution allows you to insert predefined text passages into documents and thereby quickly compose an individualised bid or letter. This gives organisations an even greater uniformity in the content of their documents and helps ensure error-free administrative work.


Any changes to your product portfolio, prices or legal texts can be updated and rolled out to the entire organisation at once, saving time for employees.

Our solutions are designed for both private businesses and public sector organisations with a need for preparing Word documents comprised of frequently used text passages such as stand-ard texts, legal texts and price lists.

We can also help you centrally manage the many different templates your organisation uses via a platform that is integrated directly into Microsoft Office. Read more about Templafy here.

Did you know?

You can insert predefined texts into documents and quickly create tailor made offers, letters, etc.