About SkabelonDesign

SkabelonDesign is a market leader when it comes to the implementation of visual identity and the design of client-specific template solutions in the Microsoft Office suite.

Get to meet some of the SkabelonDesign team members, as we take you on a guided tour through our offices at Strøget in Copenhagen (the video is in Danish).

Facts about SkabelonDesign

Founded in 2004 (positive financial result ever since)

  • Number of employees in 2018: 48
  • Number of users of SkabelonDesign solutions: Ca. 1.100.000
  • Number of client projects implemented (development, software, templates, deployment and roll-out): approximately 400
  • Microsoft Independent Software Vendor, Cloud Accelerate Partner & Microsoft Office Specialists
  • Percentage of clients in the private sector: 60%
  • Percentage of clients in the public sector: 40%
  • Number of clients in C20 index: 17


We support

Our strategy for SkabelonDesign is crystal clear, and we have launched a number of initiatives in the business to focus on our vision.

We have also drawn up 5 fundamental values, which characterise SkabelonDesign as a business and business partner. Those same values also apply to each and every member of staff in the company.

Our vision:

“To be the best consultancy company in the world, when it comes to Brand Management and ease of use in documents and presentations.”

We are proud of our ‘Strategy 2020’. So we have crystallised it into a small folder, in which you can read more about our vision, mission and values – summarised in a handful of points that highlight what we want and why.

See our strategy folder here (In Danish).