A centralised system for the administration of templates and documents

SEB is one of Scandinavia’s largest banks with over 15,000 employees that serve millions of customers globally. SEB produce thousands of presentations and documents daily for various purposes and business areas, ranging from insurance to wealth management.

Financial presentations are especially important routine documents that SEB produce to show rating companies how SEB operate.

Visual Communicator in SEB Investor Relations, Lars Emanuelsson, uses his 20 years of experience as a PowerPoint consultant to format useful, on-brand corporate presentation templates.

While SEB had optimized its template content, this content was proving difficult to distribute and update due to SEB’s existing on-premise template management system.

The IT team had to install these templates on every individual computer, where they then resided in local profile folders.

Lars remembers that, “It was very tricky to update or remove our on-premise templates and it was difficult to have people use the correct colors, fonts etc. in presentations and documents. People were going rogue and searching the internet for photos instead of using the approved images our brand team spent a lot of time creating.”

Why Templafy?

Templafy now provides easy access to the latest on-brand document and presentation templates for all SEB employees right where they work. It’s easy for SEB employees to use the latest company templates. They are inspired by having Templafy’s taskpane present approved digital assets as the starting point for creating company content.

More recently, SEB started using Templafy’s Dynamics feature in Microsoft Word, which has saved SEB employees a lot of time creating up-to-date documents. Now, documents are automatically personalized with specific company and employee data.

Lars happily says that, “Colleagues have written to me that they like Templafy very much. They can easily find images and complete layouts that help make great presentations and documents. Templafy has turned into a standard tool for our staff because it solves many problems and is straightforward to use.”

Lars can now instantly roll out any template updates or update new slides. Being able to control the material in Templafy has been greatly beneficial to Lars’ role of raising brand identity awareness for SEB employees.

Templafy’s ability to integrate with productivity tools and plugins has also provided usability and productivity gains for Lars. Instead of spending his time structuring and organizing content, Lars can simply focus on creating it.

“I don’t spend time reformatting presentations. People have learned to do this on their own because they now have Templafy’s tools and don’t require extra help. This is great and allows me to focus on providing the best presentations possible. I have gone from spending days reformatting and designing single presentations to focusing on providing the best content for all users, not just one user at a time.”

Lars Emanuelsson, Visual Communicator, Investor Relations, SEB