PowerPoint templates

All your presentations will be on brand

  • PowerPoint templates with the desired design, theme, logo, images, graphics, colours and text.
  • Customised, best-practice presentations, which can be used by everyone throughout the organisation.
  • Advanced PowerPoint presentations, which contain the likes of special formats, animations, flash and video.
Did you know?

A PowerPoint template helps staff to quickly create presentations, which make correct use of your company’s design and layout.

An illustration of PowerPoint.

Correct layout in all PowerPoint presentations

You can get an individual PowerPoint template or a coherent set of customised templates. A PowerPoint template standardises colours, text, graphics and the position of the logo in the presentation, and you have the option of applying special formatting.

The templates are used in both the public and private sectors to ensure consistency and effectiveness in terms of branding, visual identity and communication in Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Our PowerPoint templates are user friendly, so staff with no graphic skills can easily use them. They safeguard your company’s visual identity in presentations and create a professional look.

Members of staff can start a template from a special menu item in PowerPoint. From here they can select features such as insertion of images etc.

If you would like constantly up-to-date, easily accessible templates, Templafy may be the perfect solution.