PowerPoint Playbook

The ultimate guide to PowerPoint

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Over the past 15 years, we at SkabelonDesign have worked with corporate solutions in PowerPoint and our passion is still just as great, and we would love to share this passion alongside our experience with you.

In our PowerPoint Playbook we have gathered a number of inputs to help you produce the perfect PowerPoint presentation. You will find inputs on all aspects of the process from template to presentation, from colours and fonts to icons and graphics. In addition we will provide you with cases that aim to inspire you to work more efficiently and on-brand in PowerPoint – and to see what is actually possible.

We hope you enjoy reading our Playbook and have fun discovering all the possibilities of PowerPoint!

Danish version?

You can download the danish version of PowerPoint Playbook here.

An illustration in PowerPoint Playbook showcasing how to effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint.

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