SkabelonDesign participates in GovTech-Program Denmark

From January 6, 2020, and 5 weeks ahead, SkabelonDesign participates in GovTech-Program Denmark, which aims to support increased collaboration between the public and tech companies with innovative solutions.
SkabelonDesign is taking part in Challenge 2, along with two other companies. The aim of the challenge is to investigate whether new technologies can contribute to the automation of meeting notes in the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs would like to automate (parts of) the preparation of material for the Minister’s company visits and meetings in order to improve uniformity, strategic focus, internal quality assurance and time optimization.

Here at SkabelonDesign, we look forward to participating in the challenge and presenting our effective solution for automating meeting notes.

Read more about the programme here