ChangeManagement – It’s time for “real work”!

This is the call to arms for SkabelonDesign. Making a difference for organisations in their efforts to be on-brand and efficient when working with documents in Powerpoint, Word and Excel.

It’s a no-brainer that organisations need to be on-brand and efficient, so why are we talking about this as being something different in relation to documents?

We are talking about this because 95% of us use documents of some sorts on a daily basis – and 44% of us work with documents more than 5 hours a day , fortifying that any output from either Powerpoint, Word or Excel needs to be compliant with organisational standards.

Finally, we are talking about this, because bridging the gap between a design and the functionality of the design in Powerpoint, Word and Excel specifically for employees can be a tricky thing. But if done correctly, it can trigger the much desired efficiency metric of gaining up to 4 hours saved per employee on a weekly basis !

The most crucial element in all of this is your employees. They are your last frontier in safeguarding your brand – they are not designers but they are required to be on-brand and efficient, thus they need to be helped.
And if their needs are not met, they’ll seek alternate options that adheres to their demands, and once that happens, they’re off-brand and inefficient.



The key is relevance!

Our point is, you need to take your employees into account – you need to manage the transition as well as the change.

You might have a change process in front of you regarding rolling out a new visual identity. Just imagine the reaction from your colleagues when you try to enforce a change on them that involves and revolves around their everyday tools.

Where do you start? The key is relevance.

Water runs down. Because it is the easiest. Nudging or managing behaviors, always revolves around relevance. To create relevant documents and tools in Microsoft Office (and all other places) you need to listen, learn, implement and anchor.

Be part of the group of organisations who gained additional hours in their workforce, increased job satisfaction and got to innovate on their business model, by handling change and transition successfully !

This is what we call Change Management – and SkabelonDesign can help you! We have a dedicated team to help our clients in the process of change.

Do not hesitate to contact Senior Consultant Kamilla Glenstrup: [email protected] or +45 31 32 38 07.