Automations and integrations can streamline your document preparation

Does your organisation have many manual processes that cost time and money? It could be manual updating of product sheets in PowerPoint via a data extract from your product database, or activity reports that need to be manually updated by manually copying data from a CRM system into templates and documents.

In 2020, SkabelonDesign will focus on synergy and optimised/automated workflows. We would like to take a closer look at your processes and assess whether it can be automated and thereby optimised.

We work both in the cloud and outside the cloud, and we will completely adapt to the needs of your business. In most cases, to automate a work process, there will be an integration into one or more 3rd party systems which you use (eg ERP, CRM or databases). It could be reading data from SalesForce into a Word document and storing the document in your SharePoint afterwards.

A specific customer case is that we maintain 2.000 different product sheets automatically and push it to the customer’s Templafy solution and subsequently to the FTP server.

Each time the customer updates their database with new product information, the change is automatically inserted, and new PDF files are generated, which all employees can access – without the risk of communicating outdated information in the product sheets.

How does it look?

We receive input (data) and “merge” it with the template (the raw document) and end up with a document or presentation in the visual identity of the customer, which has saved the end user for repeated manual processes.