Maersk Oil How Maersk Oil increased the understanding of their communications efforts in the hands of every single employee


Maersk Oil (now Total E&P) wanted to strengthen the perception of their communication of data. Plenty of data was characterising their communication in presentations and documents, and they wanted to make their messaging more relevant, effectful and easy to understand.
They needed a tool, that easily could transform the huge amount of data into understandable and appealing infographics โ€“ AND it had to be possible for any employee to use the tool, so the dependency of other colleagues was eliminated.


CorporateInfographics was developed in collaboration between SkabelonDesign and Maersk Oil. The solution was integrated directly in Microsoft Office to enable all employees to create infographics, as they already spent their time primarily in PowerPoint and Word.
CorporateInfographics made it possible to create infographics, that automatically were compliant with the CVI โ€“ with just a few clicks, every employee could manage to do a meaningful visualisation of the data they wanted to present.



The implementation of CorporateInfographics enabled the employees to communicate their knowledge and data more effectful via infographics โ€“ both internally and externally.
A great side effect also was, that the tool was so easy to use, that many employees significantly saved time creating their presentations and documents.

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