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LegalTools is a collection of the features in Word that are most frequently used and requested by law firms. All LegalTools functions are specifically designed to support and optimise lawyer workflows – all in one ribbon in Word, so you do not have to look for them every time. The solution offers access to valuable and time-saving features directly in Word. Among other things, LegalTools makes it possible to integrate with a Document Management System and manage references and appendices in an easy and straightforward manner. The solution makes it easy – and possible – to comply with best practice, as defined by the Document Excellence Group.

Developed for lawyers

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LegalTools is a solution focused on productivity. All features of the solution are designed to make the workflow easier and make you effective in Word. That way, you can spend time on creating value for your customers, rather than wasting time in the Word.


1. Integrate data sources

LegalTools offers an integration with your Document Management System. With integration to your DMS system, inserting data into your Word document with a single click becomes easy and quick. We can integrate with iManage, used by a number of law firms, but the list of systems we can integrate with is long.

2. Work with images

The ImageTools category allows you to work with your images in Word in the most optimal way.

Among others, ImageTools includes the functions crop, fill, fit, compress and reset, standard for Microsoft Office Word. Here, you just have them available directly in a ribbon where the most frequently used tools are gathered.

In addition, ImageTools contains an insert function that automatically adjusts the image you are inserting to the placeholder, you insert it to. Something which Word cannot otherwise handle. The paste function does the same, only it takes the image from your clipboard (if e.g. you copied an image from somewhere else) and inserts a tailored version of it in the placeholder.

3. Style sets

If you have multiple style sets, you can switch between them here. If you switch to a different style set, the styles that you have access to also change.

4. Styles

Quickly and easily format your document with styles that you know from Word. We have put your styles in the LegalTools Ribbon, so you do not have to switch between ribbons all the time.

5. Layout in tables

With table styles, you can quickly adapt your tables to better match your needs. With table styles in LegalTools, you can define your own table styles, if you have special needs and requirements for how your tables should look. And you can easily layout your tables, directly from the LegalTools ribbon.

6. Formats

The buttons Numbered list, Bulleted list and Multilevel list are your shortcut to using list types in your documents. You have the option of defining list types and your own types of bullets and numberings yourself, if you want to use something which is not default in Word.

Paste and formatting is a tool that gives you access to features that make it easier to insert text and other elements. You can insert as an image, remove all formatting from what you want to insert or paste without formatting. You save time, because the features are only a click away, and you can choose what to do with the inserted item, even before you paste it – a choice you can normally only make retroactively in Word.

7. Keep track of appendices

Easily keep track of documents and refer to them in your document. Insert appendix references with a single click, and insert a table of contents of your documents wherever you want.

The sequence start function allows you to work smartly with reference lists and numbering of your documents.

Did you know?

An analysis conducted by Epinion reveals that 68% of employees in the legal and accounting professions see Word as being of crucial importance to their daily work, while little over half of the employees in the industry use Word for more than 3 hours per day.

8. Fit for purpose

With the features in Script, you can choose between different viewings of your document. Maybe you need an outline view with less content than script view. With one click, you can exclude/include content in your document to avoid working with multiple document versions and a lot of manual adjustment. What content is included/excluded from the different views is linked to the styles in your document.

9. Clean up

With the clean-up function, you can remove footnotes and comments from your document. Additionally, with one click on Clean Document, you can accept all tracked changes in your document and switch off track changes.

10. Save as PDF

If you need to share your work, you will probably want to save your Word document as a PDF. With LegalTools, this can be done with a single click, so you do not have to spend time on the arduous process which this normally is.