Cloud based file distribution

  • FileUpdater ensures that templates and other files are always available in the most recent authorised versions for all members of staff.
  • A simple administration tool for the automatic updating of all file types.
  • Close integration with SkabelonDesign’s other solutions and the procedure of choice for update management.
Did you know?

FileUpdater can keep all types of files (templates, texts, images and graphics) up to date with no user involvement.

Simple file sharing and updating

FileUpdater is an effective way of making sure your company’s templates get updated, and an innovative way of sharing, and subscribing to the file libraries, which are relevant to your staff.

It takes care of file updates, ensuring that all files in all libraries are constantly updated to the latest approved version.

The sharing of file libraries is an integral part of the solution. It means that groups of employees can subscribe to all the libraries they require.

Libraries can be shared and are integrated into subscriptions across departments, geographically separate locations, subsidiaries etc.

It makes sure that all files are updated with the latest approved version, and that members of staff can easily manage file distribution without any special conditions.

FileUpdater accommodates an increasing number of companies’ widespread need for real-time updating and simple management of templates, files and documents.

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