Excel templates

Visual consistency in all Excel spreadsheets

  • With just a few clicks, adapt graphs and tables in Excel to your company’s visual identity.
  • Special design and adaptation of templates for Microsoft Excel based on a customer’s specific requirements.
  • Implementation of your company’s formats, logos, graphic elements, colours and fonts in Excel spreadsheets.
Did you know?

SkabelonDesign can design an individual Excel template or a coherent set of customised templates for your company.

User-friendly templates that ensure visual identity

The preparation of charts and other types of graphs, all of which contain your company’s visual identity, has never been easier than with a SkabelonDesign Excel template.

We design and implement easy-to-use Excel templates, which safeguard your company’s visual identity and create a professional look in all Excel spreadsheets.

Customising Excel templates may be relevant to budgetary and accounting set-ups, database integration or other key Excel spreadsheets, in which there is a great complexity and quantity of figures.

SkabelonDesign solutions are used in both the public and private sectors to ensure consistency and effectiveness when working and to guarantee compliance with the guidelines for visual identity.

We can also help customise charts and tables to match your company’s visual identity.