EssentialTools for PowerPoint

Customise languages, fonts and styling from one place in PowerPoint

EssentialTools is a range of features gathered in your company’s own ribbon in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. EssentialTools for PowerPoint consists of a number of productivity tools created by SkabelonDesign to make you more efficient. For example, you have the option of managing the language of your entire presentation or work with styles in PowerPoint. In addition, we have taken a number of standard Microsoft Office features and moved them to EssentialTools, so you do not have to waste time searching for the functions you use the most. We have gathered everything in one ribbon – to save both you and your colleagues time.


The Swiss army knife
for PowerPoint

Skabelondesign's Legalpack helps law firms increase their productivity.

EssentialTools for PowerPoint is a solution that improves your efficiency in PowerPoint. You save time and get access to specially developed features that make you effective. Some features of EssentialTools help secure your brand, e.g. by allowing access to templates and styles.


1. Use the right template

Access to company templates directly in PowerPoint. The templates are stored locally, and you decide their number and design. That way, employees always use the right slide layouts. You can read more about templates for PowerPoint here.

2. Work efficiently with slides

We have copied the slide tools you know from the Home ribbon to the EssentialTools ribbon. That way, you have quick access to adding slides to the presentation, changing the layout of a slide etc.

Did you know?

A survey of 500 large and medium-sized Danish companies shows that approx. half of all companies experience problems with graphs and tables in Word and PowerPoint.

3. Manage the language of your presentation

Choose the language the spellchecker should use throughout your presentation. Not just for the individual slide, as you know it from PowerPoint. With our language tool, you control the language of all slides in the presentation with a single click – placeholders, text boxes, everything!

4. Get access to your styles in PowerPoint

A great PowerPoint template is built with 9 levels/styles. Many users do not understand how to use them and the good intentions of the template are therefore rarely used. We have added the ability to access your styles directly from your ribbon with a naming that you decide to make it as easy as possible for users to support your branded levels.

5. Work with your images in PowerPoint

The ImageTools category gives you access to working with your images in PowerPoint in the most optimal way.

Among others, ImageTools includes the functions crop, fill, fit, compress and reset, standard for Microsoft Office Word. Here, you just have them available directly in a ribbon where the most frequently used tools are gathered. In addition, ImageTools contains an insert function that automatically adjusts the image you insert to the placeholder you paste it to. Something which otherwise, PowerPoint cannot handle. The paste function does the same, only it takes the image from your clipboard (if e.g. you copied an image from somewhere else) and inserts a tailored version of it in the placeholder.

6. Customise content for placeholders

With the FitSelection feature, you can customise content in a placeholder to the placeholder with a single click. No more tables, pictures, graphs, figures etc. not fitting the intended placeholder. Now, that problem is solved with a single click.

7. Use the right colours

The Colors tools allow you to work with colours in PowerPoint, easily and efficiently. The Fill Color, Font Color and Outline Color features work as you know them in PowerPoint, but offer the additional option of defining which colours should be available. They may be your corporate colour theme, a list of custom colours or default Office colours – the choice is yours.

8. An effective toolbox

In the Toolbox, you will find a collection of the most frequently used PowerPoint features gathered in one place. The features are standard Microsoft Office functionalities, but with EssentialTools you won’t have to look for them. You see, we have gathered them all in one place. The tools in Toolbox are selected by us, but if you have special requests, we can help with that too.

9. Share your presentation with a click

Under Send, you will find three tools that really make you effective. You can quickly save your presentation as a PDF, so you do not have to spend time on the arduous process this normally is.

You also have the option of emailing the presentation directly from PowerPoint, and are given the option of removing speaker notes from the entire presentation with a single click.