EssentialTools for Excel

Work with colours and have access to the most frequently used functions from one place in Excel

EssentialTools is a range of features gathered in your company’s own ribbon in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. EssentialTools for Excel consists of a number of productivity tools, created by SkabelonDesign to make you more efficient. For example, you have the option of picking a template and working with colours in Excel. In addition, we have taken a number of standard Microsoft Office features and moved them to EssentialTools, so you do not have to waste time searching for the functions you use the most. We have gathered all of these essential tools in one ribbon – to save both you and your colleagues time.


The Swiss army knife
for Excel

Skabelondesign's Legalpack helps law firms increase their productivity.

EssentialTools for Excel is a solution that improves your efficiency in Excel. You save time and get access to specially developed features that make you effective. Some features of EssentialTools also help secure your brand, e.g. access to templates and colours.


1. Use the right template

Access to company templates directly in Excel. The templates are stored locally, and you decide their number and design. You can read more about templates for Excel here.

2. Use the right colours

Colors tools allow you to work with colours in Excel, easily and efficiently. The Fill Color, Font Color and Outline Color features work as you know them from Excel, but also offers the option of defining which colours should be available. This may be your corporate colour theme, a list of custom colours or default Office colours – the choice is yours.

Did you know?

An analysis conducted by Epinion reveals that four out of ten users of Microsoft Office prepares graphs and tables every day. Are you one of them?

3. An effective toolbox

The Toolbox is a collection of the most frequently used features in Excel, gathered in one place. The features are standard Microsoft Office functionalities, but with EssentialTools you won’t have to look for them. You see, we have gathered them all in one place. The tools in Toolbox are selected by us, but if you have special requests, we can help with that too.