Integrate with a SkabelonDesign solution

  • Populate Microsoft Office documents with information from your DMS system
  • Helps facilitate administrative work for your employees
  • Ensures that documents meet corporate visual guidelines
Did you know?

SkabelonDesign enjoy a close collaboration with all leading DMS providers including KMD WorkZone, Tieto (Public 360) and cBrain (F2), and we have implemented more than 30 solutions for clients including the Capital Region of Denmark, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environment and Food and the North Denmark Region.

Make your DMS system even better

SkabelonDesign develops, configures and provides advice on integrating your DMS system with our solutions. We thereby ensure that you achieve a better utilisation of your DMS system, simplifying your employees’ administrative work and ensuring error-free communication.

Among other things, we can implement a solution that allows your staff to access Office templates directly from your DMS system and populate documents with information such as the title, date, case ID, sender, recipient, etc. Additionally, we make sure that the user’s personal details (department, name, e-mail, etc.) are inserted into the document. The solution also allows users to insert standard text passages into the document, while ensuring that the document remains in accordance with your organisation’s visual identity.

The video shows how this works in practice.