Automate your documents with Documotor Now, automation of documents is for everyone. With Documotor we hand over the power of automation to all organisations and all verticals.

The platform

In digital transformation processes, automation is a utopia that can seem out of sight – or even out of reach. With SkabelonDesigns Documotor, you have access to a document automation self-service portal. The platform enables you to create documents and presentations automatically from any service capable of utilizing REST services.

You can step right into the automation paradigm, or you can work your way in a step-by-step approach. Data is key – and automation honours data and the data management and processing. However, if you are not in a place, where you have structured data base, the SkabelonDesign Documotor is the place to get started. While you might start out with your Excel sheet as your database once you are confident in your data – you can swap sources and move to the next step in your document automation journey.

Real world automation

Documotor is system and data agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to generate automated documents. Automation of tedious manual processes for generation of quotes, proposals or contracts is one of the core strengths of our platform.

When working in salesforce a salesperson already keeps track of the account, the products, billing information. Utilizing existing data, with a click of a “Generate”-button, a finalized and professional PDF is ready.

Would you like to learn more about Documotor?

Find FAQs and technical overview here.

Complexity made
simple as 1-2-3

The web portal allows administrators to manage templates while keeping taps on the usage of the service. Changes to templates are made in familiar environments with few bindings inserted into simple Word and PowerPoint documents.

The generation endpoint then fills in dynamic content (fields, lists, sections, tables, rich text HTML, etc.) and can merge several templates into single documents.

The service runs in a managed Microsoft Azure cloud and does not require access to any external data sources as all data utilized in the endpoint is pushed as a part of the generation message.

Easy to adjust templates 

Templates can be modified using Microsoft Word/PowerPoint.

Preview in the browser 

Preview changes with sample data directly from the browser.

Separate Brand, Output, and Development 

Visual changes are as easy as using Microsoft Office. Changing the output definition and bindings require no development setup.

Cloud, private cloud, on-prem – your choice

Fully managed by SkabelonDesign, or run in your own environment, both a fully supported

Test with Excel – automate with REST

Templates can be run from sample data, Excel datasheets, or executed via the REST API.

Data transformation

Multiple templates can make use of the same dataset in completely different ways.

Connect multiple system

The easy to use REST API supports multiple API keys to ensure that multiple unique systems can connect.