Effective preparation of documents

With DocumentWorkflow for Microsoft Office Word, quick and efficient creation and preparation of documents is easy for everyone in your organisation. DocumentWorkflow is a task pane that opens in Word and guides the user through the completion of a previously prepared standard document. The company’s standard documents are available in the DocumentWorkflow task pane, and each document is configured for quick adaption to individual needs.

Document Work Flow increases productivity by a large margin and results in a gain in brand value.

DocumentWorkflow is a productivity tool that makes users efficient in Word. The solution allows users to customise pre-created documents via a task pane in Word. The solution works in your templates, so you do not have to worry about visual identity.

Make it easy and save time

DocumentWorkflow allows users to work effectively with documents that contain the same standard content, but must be adapted with i.e. customer information, product descriptions, legal disclaimers and other dynamic content. The possibilities are many, and one or more administrators of the solution configure standard documents and define the document’s workflow.

The solution allows users to insert document-specific information and customise documents with many types of data. The user is guided through the completion of the document in the task pane, which opens directly in Word. Editable data is entered in the task pane, and changes take place immediately in the document.

Did you know?

One in 10 users spends more time on work in Word than planned. This appears from an analysis of the use of the Microsoft Office suite performed by Epinion.

DocumentWorkflow allows users to insert different types of data. What type of data can be inserted where is defined by the solution administrator, who creates the document’s workflow. It is possible to insert several different types of data:

  • Free text: Allows the user to insert their own text in selected locations in the document
  • Drop-down boxes: Let the user choose from a list of predefined options
  • Drop-down fields with dependencies: Let users insert longer blocks of text through a series of internally dependent choices in the task pane
  • Hide/display text: Lets the user to choose the selected text to appear in the document or not
  • Date: Has been configured to automatically insert the current date, but can quickly be changed to a desired date
  • Insert document: Attach other documents, e.g. Annexes, to your document
  • Dependencies: All types of fields can be made dependent on other fields, i.e. an administrator can choose that certain fields only appear if a specific value is selected in another field
  • Repetitions: Text to be inserted can also be defined to be repeated in several selected locations in the document, so users only have to enter it once
Document Work Flow taskpane.