DataImporter for PowerPoint

Use data from Excel in PowerPoint

  • Import Excel data into PowerPoint
  • Manage all data in Excel
  • Integrate data from Excel and update PowerPoint when necessary
  • Opportunities to integrate multiple data sources in the same presentation
Did you know?

4 out of 10 make graphs and tables in Word, PowerPoint and Excel every day. With DataImporter for PowerPoint, you can easily work with data in Excel and use it directly in PowerPoint.

Skabelondesign's Specific Tools Data Importer.
An increase in productivity with the DataImporter.

DataImporter for PowerPoint allows you to import Excel data into PowerPoint – both numbers, single words, whole sentences, graphs and tables. Updating can be done by a single click, or it can happen automatically. Whatever the method, you save time.

Updated data in PowerPoint – at all times

With DataImporter for PowerPoint, merging data from Excel into your PowerPoint presentations is easy. You can merge virtually all kinds of data, such as numbers, text, graphs, and tables. Once data integration is in place, updating data with a single click in PowerPoint is easy and quick.

The solution runs in PowerPoint and supports the entire process from creating a data source to updating data in the PowerPoint presentation. Updating of data in PowerPoint can be done manually, automatically or through insertion of slide from Templafy. And DataImporter also works with the CorporateCharts and CorporateTables solutions, which ensures that your graphs and tables are always consistent with the brand.

DataImporter for PowerPoint adds value, because you and all your colleagues save time whenever you use data from Excel in PowerPoint. For example, the solution is good if you often make sales presentations, reports, quotes or other PowerPoint presentations where you use data from Excel.