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If you are a customer of SkabelonDesign you are welcome to use the Support tool – look at the right side of the screen. The Customer may use the support tool to report software Errors and request technical assistance in connection with use of the software and for software and hardware which SkabelonDesign has confirmed the software supports. The support provided is access to telephone and e-mail support and online support provided by way of support software and access to the support area on SkabelonDesign’s website. Please click the support icon on this page and start describing the support case. You will be notified by e-mail, when your issue are addressed in the support system by our staff.Information which is typically required by SkabelonDesign:The actual circumstances under which the Error has occurred (including the specific hardware/software configuration), a description of what happened/did not happen and what should have happened, had nothing been wrong, any other information which makes it possible to recreate and analyse the Error; information about the Customer’s contact persons who may be contacted in order to obtain additional information if the information.

The Company’s Obligations

The Company delivers the services, which have been specified in detail in the agreement between the two parties, along with any relevant supplements. These may consist of estimates, offers or contractual documents, depending on the scale of the project. Please consult your contact at SkabelonDesign.

Change of Agreement

In the event of changes to the project/job or to the scale of the project/job, beyond what can be regarded as part of the Company’s services, the Company is entitled to request a possible extension of the agreed completion dates. The Company is also entitled to request separate payment for extra work and work outside normal working hours, on the basis of whatever hourly rates the Company are charging at any given time.

Copyright and Usage Rights

The Company has the copyright for all software included in the agreement. The Customer has full usage rights for all the provisions and services of the licensees, for whom the Customer has bought licences, if the provision includes software. The Customer has full usage rights of the templates, which the Company has designed.

Client Confidentiality

Both during and after the project’s execution The Company and the Company’s personnel are obliged to treat confidentially any information received concerning the Customer and the Customer’s business relations.

Force Majeure

Should the Company fail to provide the agreed service as a result of conditions, which lie outside the Company’s control (e.g. fire, flood, strike, lockout, power failure, illness, failure of services and provisions from a third party – including telephone and network supply – etc.) SkabelonDesign A/S will, as long as such a situation continues, be released from the agreed obligation to deliver. SkabelonDesign A/S cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss, which the Customer may suffer as a result of the above-mentioned or similar situations.


Should the Customer wish to discontinue the working relationship, the Customer must inform the Company in writing. The Company is hereafter entitled to send an invoice for all the work that has been carried out. See also the Company’s “Agreement on procurement of SkabelonDesign software” and “ Agreement on Software assurance and Technical Support”.

Software Assurance and Technical Support

Please refer to the “Agreement on Software assurance and Technical Support”, where the terms and conditions are described.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions state our terms of payment, obligations, confidentiality, copyright and usage rights.

Click here to see SkabelonDesign’s terms and conditions.

If you have questions related to our terms and conditions, feel free to contact us.

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