CorporateInfographics Infographics created by all Microsoft Office users. On-brand and easy

A picture says more than 1000 words

Visualise your presentations

CorporateInfographics is a tool that strengthen your communication efforts making your messaging more relevant, effectful and easy to understand by your audience.

With CorporateInfographics you can transform data into meaningful infographics in just 30 seconds and take your entire organisation’s communication efforts to the next level.

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Strengthen your brand

Automatically compliant with your company’s CVI

CorporateInfographics will be customised to match your company’s Corporate Visual Identity.

We implement the icons, fonts, colours, sizes and other relevant guidelines, that are specific for your company and make it easy to keep your communication in presentations and documents on-brand. Automatically your employees will be compliant with the CVI without breaking a sweat.

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All employees can do it

From data to infographics in just a few clicks

Integrated directly in Microsoft Office, CorporateInfographics is easy and intuitive for all employees to use. They are not dependent on help from marketing or communication professionals in order to visualise their data and presentations – just a few clicks and they are ready to present.

Save time and deliver on-brand infographics to the entire organisation by providing all employees with CorporateInfographics.

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Maersk Oil

Wanted to strengthen their communications efforts

Maersk Oil wanted to strengthen their communication efforts and democratise the access to communicate more visually.
Learn how CorporateInfographics increased the understanding of their communications efforts.


Maersk Oil

Convert complex data to appealing infographics

Exchanging plain and sometimes complex text in presentations and documents with appealing infographics was important to Maersk Oil. But only if the infographics were compliant with the CVI. Maersk Oil got a customized easy-to-use solution with CorporateInfographics.


Maersk Oil

Creation of infographics for all employees

Maersk Oil needed a tool that enabled all employees to create infographics. Easy and on-brand. Learn how Maersk Oil implemented CorporateInfographics.

Tired by being the brand police? Get CorporateInfographics to do the work for you

Many Brand Managers find themselves serving a role as the brand police. Limited resources put pressure on Brand Managers as they find themselves split between ensuring that all presentation and documents are compliant with the CVI and not being able to offer graphical resources on request by the entire organisation.

Many end up turning their blind eye when running into presentations and documents not compliant with the CVI fully aware that it is devaluating the brand.

With CorporateInfographics Brand Managers can enable the entire organisation to do on-brand infographics without being the brand police.

CorporateInfographics is the only solution, that offer all Microsoft Office users to easily create infographics, that increase the impact of the communication efforts and are automatically compliant with the company’s CVI. The solution will save time, decrease frustrations, strengthen the brand value and increase impact of the communication efforts.

How to create CorporateInfographics
How to edit CorporateInfographics
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Increase brand value

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