Infographics that comply with the visual identity

With CorporateInfographics for PowerPoint, creating infographics which comply with the company’s visual identity is easy and quick. Via a task pane which opens directly in PowerPoint, you are given access to corporate icons and graphics that can be used to create infographics. Infographics are quickly inserted on a slide, and can be easily customised with the available colour theme, numbers, percentages, titles and more.

Visual data offers a living presentation

With CorporateInfographics, there are no more colleagues getting material for infographics from e.g. Google and using them in presentations. CorporateInfographics is a tool that ensures a rigorous and easy application of the visual identity at all levels of a presentation, and make it easy for users to quickly and efficiently create informative infographics.

When the data is updated, the infographic instantly adjusts to reflect what has been entered. The solution makes it possible for anyone to work with visualisation of complex data in an intuitive and productive way.

CorporateInfographics was developed in collaboration between SkabelonDesign and Maersk Oil. The collaboration was a Plus project facilitated by the market maturity fund, where the focus was on creating a solution for Maersk Oil to make it possible for employees to create on-brand infographics and work efficiently with data visualisation and complex data.

The video below shows how the solution works in practice.

Demo of the solution

If you would like more information or get a demonstration of the solution please contact our Head of Sales Kim Kisbye on +45 25 56 99 12 or send an e-mail to

Corporate Infographics taskpane.