Correct charts for PowerPoint, Word and Excel

  • Adapt charts to your company’s visual identity with a single click.
  • Make charts visually correct, so you can easily reuse them in the likes of reports and presentations.
  • Easy access to formatting tools to fine tune chart layouts.
  • Always the right fonts and colours in all your company’s graphs and charts.
  • You can implement CorporateCharts in PowerPoint, Word and Excel to guarantee a consistent visual expression.
Did you know?

A survey of 500 large- and medium-scale companies in Denmark shows that about 50% of all companies run into problems, when working on charts and tables in Word and PowerPoint.

Charts always reflect your company’s visual identity

CorporateCharts is a tool that easily tackles the insertion of charts in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. CorporateCharts means that charts always reflect your company’s visual identity, and you do not need to worry about whether colours and fonts are correct, or whether legends have been correctly positioned or about other layout-related issues.

The easy-to-use formatting tools make it easy to customise the graph/chart for your needs – but always within the framework of your company’s visual identity. Customising the title, subtitle and notes is quick and easy, and it is no problem changing from one customised layout to another.

All members of staff can quickly and easily compile visually correct charts, which comply with your company’s visual identity. This helps to safeguard a consistent look in PowerPoint presentations, reports and other documents, which members of staff prepare.

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