Streamlining a Global Brand Relaunch

With more than 9,000 employees in 55 different countries, Coloplast is one of the world’s leading suppliers of healthcare products and services, specializing in Ostomy Care, Continence Care, Wound & Skin Case and Urology Care.

Coloplast was facing a worldwide brand relaunch to almost 10,000 employees. Their new brand assets and document templates for Word and PowerPoint were all ready to roll out but Coloplast needed a solution that their employees would actually use.

The marketing and communications department needed to roll out their new visual identity quickly, completely and without the involvement of IT at every step.

“In the light of our recent brand relaunch, the update of core visual assets in Microsoft Office templates were key. We choose Templafy, a cloud based template management system, as it is flexible and quick to administrate, intuitive and easy to use for all employees to work on-brand and providing the appropriate tools to build and support our brand.”

Why Templafy?

With Templafy, the administration of on-brand content can be done instantly by Coloplast’s global Marketing and Communications department. And Templafy’s task pane inside of Word and PowerPoint lets Coloplast’s employees access approved document templates, slides, text snippets, images and other brand assets directly when and where they need it.

Coloplast’s IT resources have become available again for tasks that matter, and using Templafy, employees can focus on what they’re best at while always being on brand and compliant when working in Word and PowerPoint.

Regional business entities and brand managers can now flexibly adapt content to their individual market needs. As changes are applied instantaneously, employees stay up to date, always using the latest template versions across any device, operating system and Microsoft Office solution.

“Our local brand management departments now can edit corporate content directly and apply respective changes immediately – a facet our IT admins are particularly intrigued by as it takes everyday management off their shoulders and thus adds more hours to their day.”

Wakana Pivoteau Sakihama, Head of Corporate Branding.