ChangeManagement We truly want to make a difference for you!

We provide you with a superb cloud-based office solution that enables its users to be even more productive, meaning it’ll be easier for you to find, access, create and re-use the exact information and content that fits your specific needs.

You’ll be able to consolidate and integrate to a variety of different repositories and other solutions like DAMs, CRMs, and document management systems. And last but not least, have the exact MS Office templates you need for presentations in PowerPoint, letters and reports in Word and Excel plus coherent mail signatures in Outlook.

We want to take that journey with you – a journey where we’ll figure out together how your colleagues can be more productive, on-brand and legally compliant at the same time with a bespoke solution that fits your needs.

We believe

Change is something that happens to people over a specific period.


Transition is something that occurs within people while change is happening.


You need to manage the transition as well as creating the change.


We call this ChangeManagement!



When analysis is prioritised, we can solve real productivity issues. Freeing up time for your employees, saving them from repetitive tasks, and letting them focus on their real work.


By freeing up time for ‘real work’, increase in revenue is a derived factor. Your employees will simply have more time to do what they are best at.

Brand value

When employees find templates and content relevant, they will use it. This is an opportunity to secure that your documents are on-brand.

Unexplored opportunities

Working with ambition and an ROI-based framework will open up for unexplored opportunities in regards to the your business. Fx. new products or redistribution of FTEs.


Obtaining the right kind of value and productivity increase when buying software to integrate with your business, is not only dependent on a choice of software vendor but also dependent on how well you incorporate relevant insights and adoption methods.

Company insights need to be taken into account in order to build the most appropriate and relevant software for the end users to utilise hereby increasing the intended adoption, in order to achieve the desired business value.

At SkabelonDesign, we do this through an approach we call Change Management.


The typical approach to a project. However, the same process can be deconstructed and re-constructed as per client needs.


We’ll set the ambition and prioritised course together.


We’ll analyse your usage, pains, and opportunities to create your bespoke solution and optimal adoption plan.


Creation of your bespoke document management solution.


We’ll plan the proper anchoring of the software for your end users, to drive the desired business value.

It’s easy to start!

Let us help you start off with a Brand HealthCheck. As domain experts with 15 years of experience with templates, we’ll take the temperature of your documents within the following areas;

CVI Compliance Check

  •  How does your templates settings correspond to your design guide?

Usability Check

  •  How easy it is to work in your templates – while staying on brand?

Reality Check

  •  Do you know how your users work with your templates?
  •  How their finished documents and presentations actually end up looking?

Ambition Check

  • What is your organisations basic approach to document culture?
  • Are you currently communicating, training and aligning expectations with your users in regards to document use?

Want to know more?