A structured way of managing change

At SkabelonDesign, we talk about ChangeManagement as a structured process that both identify the need for change and implements the same change. To us, productivity and brand implementation in MS Office is a central service, therefore our approach to change management is anchored here. Changes to MS Office has a direct influence on employees’ productivity, which is why it is crucial to managing a successful brand implementation.

Corporate Infographics increases both productivity and brand value by a huge margin.

With ChangeManagement, we are closing the gap between the organisational needs from the brand managers versus the needs of the employees in their daily tasks. The result is win-win. An increased productivity wrapped in a successful brand implementation.

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Insight into your organisation’s work patterns and needs

Our work is focused around the needs of the end-users. This requires analysis and involvement. When talking about change management, involvement is crucial. When we present a new brand, and its consequences in MS Office, we present a huge task and a lot of changes to our colleagues. By involving your users, we achieve a solution that articulates actual needs, while also taking a big step regarding the management of change. The involved users will understand and accept that there will be upcoming changes to their work in MS Office as they will function as ambassadors to the change in the organization.

After the process, you will have a complete overview of how your employees work in MS Office. Based on this we will present a list of concrete areas of improvements, within productivity and brand management.

Whether you are in the middle of implementing a new brand or wish to analyze your current solution and its unused potential, the value obtained with this process is undeniable.

Did you know?

According to studies, the average office employee spends more than 1 hour working in MS Office each day. Worldwide a total number of 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created – daily. The amount of content produced is enormous and often out of the brand managers control.

Examples of elements in the change management process


We conduct workshops and interviews with selected employees in order to discover current work patterns, behavior and needs to MS Office. This is a cornerstone of the process.


The outcomes of the analysis will turn into recommendations and potential areas for improvements. The recommendations will provide guidance for the solution space. The solution space for brand implementation in MS Office might seem small, but no two organisations work in the same way. Our ambition is not to make assumptions when we enter the implementation project. That’s the whole point of the ChangeManagement process.

What do you need to provide to the process?

Whether you are buying into the process as part of an implementation project, or as a check of your change needs – the willingness to change and act on the analysis’ results essential.

Practically, the process requires a project manager:

  • Who can involve and engage decisionmakers in the organization
  • Who can identify and coordinate interviews of relevant end-users.

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