Branding Masterclass

In 2017, SkabelonDesign launched the Branding Masterclass concept and we have so far hosted six events in Copenhagen with approx. 240 participants at each event and various topics such as typography, logos, graphics, images, colors and design. For each Branding Masterclass, we invite “best in class” speakers from Denmark and abroad to present along with us specific topics for customers, collaborators and others with an interest in each particular subject. Common for all the speakers is their inspiring enthusiasm and focused knowledge on the topic.

The majority of the participants work with marketing and branding. One of them gave the following evaluation of an event:

“I think it was a really successful and very giving event with top professional speakers and topics. I was very inspired! ”

We are very pleased with the participants’ support and look forward to hosting more Branding Masterclasses in 2020.

Previous events

Branding Masterclass: Typography

Branding Masterclass: Logo and graphic elements

Branding Masterclass: Colors and images

Branding Masterclass: The digital future of Corporate Brands

Branding Masterclass: Sound and Motion Graphics

Branding Masterclass: Managing Design Processes