Dynamic PowerPoint agenda slide in seconds

  • Add agenda slide with just one mouse click
  • Easily add agenda items to your agenda – and delete them just as easy
  • Add breadcrumbs to your slides to allow a better understanding of the presentation flow
  • You can have several different agenda layouts in the same presentation

Dynamic agenda in corporate design

How much time can you save?

How often do you use an agenda in your PowerPoint presentations? Imagine if you could create an agenda in just 10 seconds!

Dynamic agenda that adapts to your presentation

BrandedAgenda is a dynamic tool which automatically downloads agenda items from your headlines. The layout is adapted to your corporate design, and you will soon save time preparing the agenda.

If you often use agendas in your presentations, BrandedAgenda is a solution for you. With one click, add an agenda slide to your presentation, just as additional agenda items are also added with a single click.

Using BrandedAgenda you can also easily add breadcrumbs to your presentation. Using breadcrumbs makes it easy to follow the flow of the presentation.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself how BrandedAgenda works.

If you are also looking for templates that are always up-to-date to use with BrandedAgenda, have a look at Templafy – see more here.